Thursday, April 19, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I owe this tag to Que sera sera who tagged me eons ago.

1.Even though I don't consider myself to have a particularly sweet tooth, I just have to have something sweet after lunch and dinner(much like ques sera sera) and these days its a handful of my little brother's cocoa puffs cereal(he ofcourse doesn't know I've been stealing).
2.I hate leaving voice messages and do so very rarely.
3.I have adirectionia (don't look the term up--its randomly coined.It means I have no sense of direction). I find it very hard to remember (and give) directions off the top of my head and actually get around because I've set(weird)landmarks(like that big billboard,this old chruch and that tree).That said, give me a long journey and printed out mapquest directions...I am the best navigator ever!Now thats a paradox if ever there was one.
4.I am a compulsive jasmine green tea drinker.A massive mug full of that stuff with lemon/lime is the ideal remedy for my post-pig-out guilt trips.
5.I haven't had red meat in over ten years!The terrible cooks in the dorm kitchens(of the two colleges I spent time at) are patially to blame....them and my first day in the anatomy dissection hall.
6.I can not and do not window shop.Aimless browsing at the mall would be in my list of least favourite things to do.

I tag whoever wants to be tagged. :)
I remember Rai tagging me ages ago but since he killed his blog and with that the tag I shall consider my self not obligated.Next in line is the freak(Beautiful stranger)who's come up with her very own rather mind boggling tuned?


Anonymous rai said...

nth too weird.i forgiv u the tag on the condition tht i ll nvr b asked to do one again.i hate having to think answers for these things =D

11:01 PM  
Blogger Aya said...

rai:heh...yep...nothing too weird...I am quite the normal homeosapien.And its a'll never be asked to do one again.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous rai said...

why do u have to study now? have you studied enough for the rest of your life

9:03 AM  
Blogger Aya said...

rai: *sigh*Its the step 3 exam(you have to take it to get an unrestricted license to practice medicine)...could've taken it during residency but my vacation schedule sucks...I can only take vacation one week at a time and have to be on call the day before and the day go figure.I'd rather fret over and take an exam now when I have some protected study time than when I am overworked(read dead).Apparently,I haven't studied enough for the rest of my life...heh..but its all good because its helping me brush up my medicine whcih I had to anyways before I started residency.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous rai said...

i am glad i listened to dr pak i was actually calling emory to get back in med.i dont hv your kind of patience.all the best for step 3 and 4 and 5 and ....

8:22 PM  
Blogger Arfeen said...

Oh yeah .. I know leaving voice messages is soooo much fun .... This is how I react when a call actually goes into the voice mailbox ...
First five seconds: confused silence as I come to terms with the fact that the person actually had the nerve to not recieve my call ....
Then start talking (Usually begin with the word 'umm')
Talk for about 15 seconds and then realize that I should try to be a little more concise with what Im trying to say ..
After another 15 seconds ... I begin to feel a little stupid .. I mean .. who leaves such long voice mail messages anyway !!!
So .. I end the voice message abruptly.
Pause for 1 second .. and then add 'Oh and btw .. this is Arfeen'

lol ... I'm not a big fan of leaving voice mail messages either.. but whenever I do, I try to say a little about why I had called so that the other person can decide how important the call is....

10:57 PM  
Blogger Aya said... IS a long road and patience can definitely run thin along the way .

p.s:I still think you'd make a good doc.We just have to get you to get used to sitting in one place and studying for long hours! ;)

Arfeen: This is so funny...I do the same thing! mind blanks out too in the middle of leaving a voice message and I start feeling incredibly stupid.Oh and remembering to say that it was you who was calling at the end...haha...I have actually forgotten to do that a couple of times..and damage control has been to call back and leave yet another message saying..."err..yeah..that was me".Now, I start with "hey,this is Aya"...heh.

9:24 AM  

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