Friday, March 17, 2006

Randomly Random

Since I am officially over mourning the fact that Rai killed(yes,I consider it homicide!) his blog,I thought I'd post.Just five more days and D and I will be off to Pakistan.D is more excited about this trip than me...she says its a good thing she works otherwise she'd have gone crazy thinking about it all the time!I think its probably because she'd be going back after four years and this will be a vacation in the real sense of the word, in a long long time for her.
I plan on making lists of "stuff to do" this weekend and pack too,while I am at it (I hate last minute packing).One of the first things I want to get out of the way when I get to Pakistan is, to go and badger the student affairs people at my college to get all my documents in order.They have proven to be lazy good-for-nothings the five years that I was there.I have heard some horror stories of people not having their credentials verified on time and having to lose out on applying for residency.Other than this I need to get recommendation letters.Now that is a seperate story altogether and I shall whine about that soon too!
Cousin "A"(the one in Atlanta) leaves for Pakistan in July for an internship.She called a couple of days ago and said she'd so want me to go with her.This would be the first time she'd be going to Pakistan alone.I would have loved to go with her but I'd be busy hunting for a much needed externship for myself at that time.Its a shame though because she tried to lure me into it by promising that this would be an all expense paid trip...sort of an early birthday present...hehehe...
O-C takes her USMLE step 2 CK tomorrow.I hope she does awesome on the exam.If there is one person I've seen multi-task...and do it would have to be her!Best of luck O-C!!

p.s..Rai,I will be changing the link to your(deceased) blog to R.I.P.Let me know if and when you decide to resurrect it!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


One of my favourite blogs has been deleted!
*(genuine)sniff *
At least that’s what the message says when I click on the link.
Bring it back Rai!!!

p.s:  I am assuming this was a lame (albeit successful) publicity stunt courtesy Q. Now bring it back!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I hate being taken for granted. Time and again, over the past few years ,I have been stupid enough to befriend people who’d use you , then dispose of you at their whim , actually have the nerve to jump right back when and as they please and expect to be treated like royalty. As much as I want to, I can’t pin the blame on them because I think the fault lies in me. I ,obviously am not a good judge of homo-sapiens. Its not that I don’t realize…..I just keep giving the other person the benefit of the doubt and that’s where it goes downhill. For the future, I really do need to learn to put my foot down when I come across people of the like because I am just plain sick of getting hurt!! Enough said….

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Action Group Against Blogspot Ban In Pakistan

The Pakistan government has very conveniently gone ahead and banned blogspot(amongst many other sites)on account of blogs hosting the Danish newpaper cartoons.This makes no sense....bloggers all across Pakistan have been denied access to their blogs.This, in the face of the fact that many of these blogs had actually condemned those cartoons!!
DrPak has started the "Action Group Against Blogspot Ban In Pakistan" in an effort to gather fellow bloggers to protest against this absurdity.With supposedly reliable news agencies like the BBC reporting that this ban has had no effect whatsoever on Pakistani is imperative that a collective effort be made to get the real story across!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Countering Boredom

Little S thinks he should "learn how to keep my big mouth shut".Today, he told his teacher that he was bored to death in class.So,he was given a "brain workout" in which he was supposed to learn to spell a bunch of words,look up their meanings AND use them in a story!!*sniff*He just wrote this and brought it to me....I haven't stopped laughing ever since!
(The new words S learnt today all end with an "ous" and are in bold)

"Once upon a time,there was a manly man named S.He was not only tremendous,famous,vicious(not that much though),adventurous,vigorous but also courteous and humorous.He had been getting cooler and cooler these previous years.Everyone was so jealous of him.One day a ridiculous,dangerous but nervous boy named T-Rock challenged him to a break-dancing competition.Now,T-Rock was mischievous and put venomous and treacherous barbie dolls in the dance arena!Barbie dolls were the most boisterous and dangerous creatures in the land.
The next day S walked onto the dance floor looking very ambitious.T-Rock looked like a frilly little girl.Then,the barbies started attacking T-Rock.He was devoured while S just got cooler.The continous dance competition was remembered.Everyone lived happily ever after except T-Rock who turned into a barbie girl!"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

V's Gift

Around this time last year , my final year exams had just ended and I was heading back home. V(my best friend) came to drop me off at the airport and as we said our final good-byes she slipped this into my hand.A treat to have.... it is one of my most prized possessions to date. V had just got this a couple of months ago from Saudi-Arabia and as she handed it to me, I had protested with a “But you just got it! Keep it. I’ll get one for myself soon.” no avail.
I had felt guilty about having deprived V of her digital Quran.She called a couple of weeks later....some one she knew had just given her the exact same thing as a gift!!!