Saturday, April 29, 2006

Whiny Post(read at own risk)

Today isn’t proving to be a good study day at all. Weekends always leave me unsettled and I almost wish there were no weekends….now all you people who have jobs and are gasping out loud at this statement….I am warranted in making this wish… at least till I get somewhere with this residency trail…of course I’d join your gang once I do! Its just that everyone is at home and I get distracted. I could go to the library but its too much work and its too cold for me there. Anyways…horrible day today. It actually started yesterday evening when D and I took S to watch a movie. To make a long story short….D’s car battery somehow went dead leaving us trying to get into the car only to have the car alarm go bonkers after every 10 minutes. So, our father had to come get us and we got back home at 12:00 p.m…I couldn’t go to sleep until after 1:00 a.m. and woke up all groggy at 8:00 a.m. this morning. I have had a splitting headache for which I should have taken medicine (which I am realizing as I write!!!...I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me when I had the headache!!!!!!).
D was working today and when she got back we ordered pizza but I managed to fight back my other “craving”….which was giving up on studying altogether and being a vegetable. I started studying....trudging along and then the pizza worked its magic and I felt oh so sleepy!! I didn’t fight that of course. So, I have just woken up after having slept for over an hour. I am not used to sleeping in the afternoons. It makes me all cranky .I still don’t feel all that great but at least it isn’t as bad as the morning and the afternoon. Hopefully, I’ll  work later into the night than I normally do today and have some damage control…my exam is a month and twenty days away...*gulp*... I think I’ll start a count down of sorts but that would probably freak me out too much and prove to be scratch that idea!

Friday, April 28, 2006


Aya: S,Will you pray for Aya?

S: Play for Aya…sure!.I’d love to!

Aya: No S…Pray not Play.

S: Ahhh….PLAYYY!!Sure thing Aya…I’ll PLAY my xylophone for you. Infact, I’ll play right here…in your room…its sooo roomy!

Aya: Stop annoying me S!

S: But that’s my job! *smirk*

S brings xylophone in…Aya gathers books to leave room.

S: Heyy!Stayy…it will be like background music!

Aya leaves room.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It rained today and

It rained today and it has left a chill in the air…the kind that makes your hands go cold and tingles when you take a deep breath in but its not “cold” cold…if you know what I mean. The weather has been quite nice these past few days and I have had my bedroom window open. There is a tree that it overlooks and its funny how I had never really noticed it until today. I don’t know what kind of tree it is but its in full bloom and has the most gorgeous white flowers. They are small flowers that are growing in bunches and have just the right amount of pink in them…tiny specks right in the center. I had the most wonderful time just sitting by my window looking at the tree sway….it felt great!...and the fact that I got (kind of) scolded by my mother for leaving the window open and getting the window sill wet and the  carpet soaked by the rain…well thats a seperate story….

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rai's Comeback

His Rai-ness has graciously conceded to resurrect his blog!I am glad because his blog entries were my (almost) daily dose of laughter.He is a bit caught up with school and work nowadays and will probably not be as regular in posting....but its all least he is back.Welcome back Rai!!

I'm Back!

It feels strange to be blogging after so long.I guess I'll have to sort of get used to actually took me while to get into the "flow" of blogging once I started this blog.
The trip to Pakistan was great...very hectic but great!My best friend's wedding being the highight.Everything was perfect.This would have to be the most hassle free wedding I have ever attended...which is a big deal because officially I was "in" the wedding being the best friend and all....I mean,I didn't have to worry about what I'd be wearing because V had taken care of that there were no "I don't have anything nice to wear" crisis!And since we got there wayyy before the wedding I got to spend some quality time with her.D managed to somehow take my spot as V's mother's confidante....I am glad though because I had actually worried about D feeling a little out of place.Anyways, V looked gorgeous and it didn't rain as predicted on the day of her wedding which was a big relief because the wedding was supposed to be out in the open in this massive garden.In all,it was a wonderful affair and we enjoyed it to the max.Before we knew it,it was time for us to leave.I was happy to be coming back home but was depressed at the same time...probably becuase of the studying(blech!) that awaited me.Yes,there were teary-eyed good-byes but guess what...V and her husband will probably be coming down to the US this summer.I shall hopefully be done with all my crappy exams and we'll definitely meet up!There is one thing that I do regret though...not being able to meet O-C in person...:(...I've had to endure her wrath for this...*gulp*.She had to be out of town till the 7th of april and because of the choked cell phone networks there I didn't get any of her messages telling me she was back!So,I just got to talk to her a couple of times and then once again the day I left, when she said,"I hate you and will kill you when I do see you!"I just want to say that the only thing I am guilty of is eating the chocolate I took for her...hehehe!!
So,I am back now...back to my books...back to worrying about meeting deadlines,targets and expectations.Its going alright ,but every now and then I feel low.It is then that I look at all the pictures we took in somehow helps get me back on track.There is one more bit of news that I wanted to write about...I think I'll dedicate a seperate post to it!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Finally got hold of a decent internet connection and some time...V is busy with some guests and her bro is out till the evening and i've sneaked into his room to check my e-mail.This will be short though...i have henna/mehndi on my left hand...yes,it looks beautiful...:).This trip has been great.The wedding is on monday and things are...well...crazy.We spent a week with our grandmother and after a tussle with a few more relatives finally managed to move to V's place.Its feels great to be part of all this.There is so much happening and i am loving every moment of it!a'rite...its too difficult to type with one finger...shall update in detail soon...probably when i get back home.Till then..