Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It has been so hot here these past few days!The room where I study is more like an oven...even with the AC on!Its probably because it faces the sun directly and also because I have the computer on the whole day.I have had to shut the window which was my source of O2 and my excuse to not wanting to "go out into the open and get some oxygen!"(my mother's pet phrase nowadays).I had been irregular with my running for about four days and I felt very irritable the day before.So,I decided to go downstairs and run.Half an hour later I came back all smug for having done 2 miles in 30 minutes...only to have the worst knee pain ever later in the evening!!I gave my poor knee some rest yesterday and today I came back to my humble 1.25 miles.....happy to report that the knee is just fine!I've been deliberating over going for a run outside...there is a mile long stretch of a road that leads to our neighbourhood....but its too hot and I am too lazy...so I'll stick to the treadmill.Running can do wonders for me really...something that a simple walk just won't do.So,I really need to keep this up.Studying is coming along alright.The latest is that I have decided to postpone my exam to July 10th.I felt awful for moving it for a while but I am glad that I did.This would give me time to make those correlations and connections which I would otherwise have struggled to make for lack of time had I taken the exam as planned.I am making good progress now and it feels good to feel more on top of things.I guess this also saves you all from considerable amounts of whining...albeit temporarily!
Poor D is having a tough time at work.She is sick of working in retail and having to please people the whole day.To top all this,one of her co-workers(whom she had actually recommended for the job) disregarded all form of work ethic and told her last week that he has taken up another job offer....this without any two week notice!
I hope she finds someone to replace him.I have also told her to look for another less demanding job.Lets see how that all works out.Well,thats all for now.I still need you all to pray for me...so keep praying!

Friday, May 26, 2006

How would you spend a million dollars?

That’s the math project that S is currently working on. He has been keeping very busy these days and I only found out about the details to this project yesterday. There is research to be done and actual accounting sheets to be filled out for however each kid decides to spend his/her million dollars. The money should however be spent on carrying out one particular plan. S has decided to buy a house for himself and furnish it. He had wanted to get a house he liked in Beverly Hills but it cost $900,000!He is now on the lookout for a new house which should preferably have a swimming pool….I find it funny because he has always been too scared and doesn’t even know how to swim!. I saw one of his itemized accounting sheets labelled  “Electronics”. First on the list is an X-Box 360 followed by a couple of X-Men and football games for it. There is also a home theatre system complete with a multi media projector! I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. This should be interesting. Frankly ,I don’t know what I’d do…. Perhaps make a lucrative investement and then buy a hospital and hire doctors to work for me without worrying about about being hired myself!! Now that’s a thought! How would you spend a million dollars?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On Confrontations.

I have never liked confrontations. Fortunately, I haven’t been a part of too many and it’s a good thing too, because I am not good at handling things like this. I really don’t see the point to such arguments….I mean how many people do you come across who would give in because they truly believe they were wrong? Its more of a give in with a “I am the victim here” or “they’d never understand” thing . I have heard people say how its better to bring things out in the open and sort it out but I have yet to see it “sorted out”. If anything, I’ve seen things go from bad to worse and people who might have once cared about one another, get hurt and lose respect. Its hard (I’d even go as far as saying its impossible) to re-establish the same rapport then and ofcourse each party/person is wary of the other in the future. For now, I am for just letting go….to forgive if you can, and forget… because it makes life easier. I know this sounds utopic at best and that this approach would probably not work too well in the “real world”. I guess I have a lot to experience and learn.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Birthday!

Its DrPak's birthday tomorrow.This month has been quite full for me birthdays wise(five to be exact!).I don't know any more people who are born in May...so with this one birthday it will be a wrap...whew!
Have a good one DP!I hope this year is fabulous for you and brings you much joy and happiness(especially that attributable to that much coveted 260!)!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

D's Birthday

It was my little D's birthday today.We had planned to take the grill out and have a Bar-B-Q out in the backyard, but it was raining so that didn't happen.I had also planned on getting her this amazingly delicious chocaholic chunk chocolate cake.However,D walked in on Friday evening ,with balloons and a cake!Apparently her boss had got her two cakes...one for people at work and one for her to take home...so that didn't happen either.So,while she was asleep in the morning I went and got her this balloon (which, by the way, took a real long time to find) and a box of assorted muffins(chocolate,blueberry and banana-walnut).She liked them a lot!!

Friday, May 12, 2006


The most regular visitor of my blog.
The most fun-loving person I know.
Whose room would never in this lifetime be a mess.
Who would classify shopping as an art.
My most prized and appreciated fashion critique.
The one with the brightest smile and a contagious laughter.
The one who kept my room and closet in order (I can never do it the way you did!).
The “ really pretty one”. ; )
Whose “You can do it Aya!” I treasure.
Whose inner strength I envy.
The sister who “S” hates as much as he hates me!(I think he hates me more!) ;)
The sister who now lives in England and is missed so very much.

Happy B'day Mama!

Enjoy looking at the cake we got for our mother.Layers of vanilla icecream and fudge....mmmm....tasted oh so good!

Note to Self

Setting up goals and targets is what you do to keep yourself on track. If you don’t meet your goal for the day even when you gave it your very best, its only prudent to not to let it dampen your spirits. Stop whining(especially inwardly) about it…its depressing!
Run every other day if not every day.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Evil Plan

Studying is coming along alright. I feel better and non-whiny. Although ,I could so do with some more time for the exam. If only  V’s wedding hadn’t been smack in the middle of all this. If only I had not gone to Pakistan. If only June wasn’t the very last month that I could take my exam in. Hmmmm… I am rambling! You know  what though….I have the perfect plan to get back at V …when I get married, I am going to make sure it is at a time when she is eight months pregnant! And it will be somewhere where she’d have to travel a day and half to get to! I am evil…I know! ;)

Friday, May 05, 2006

I have never been great at handling pre-exam jitters. I was quite a nervous wreck close to step 1 in December last year and had vowed not to let the same happen come time for step 2. Well, Step 2 is around the corner and I am afraid the same uncomfortable nervousness is slowly creeping back in. Its particularly bad when I start my day but gets better towards the end…..probably because I am too tired to be bothered by then. One thing that worked for me before was running first thing in the morning….I tried that yesterday and was all fired up but then towards mid-day I just felt very low….its this sort of mood/morale fluctuation that’s been bothering me and it is quite an uphill task to bounce back from it .Feeling quite frustrated, I chalked out a new study plan and following that has been of help in making me feel more on top of things. Today, has been pretty good so far and I feel much at ease….if only everyday from now on till June 20th is the same!I have actually been tempted to move this exam forward but thats out of the question because I have another exam(step 2 CS) scheduled for July 12th and I need to get these two exams out of the way if I am to make the 2007 match.I, so need all of you to start praying for me...pronto!!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Laughter is the best medicine….it is also a great stress reliever,provided its the kind of laughter I am referring to…the kind that makes your eyes water and your stomach hurt! DrPak had recommended Russell Peters to me a few days ago. He told me how to go about downloading his acts. I tried, but failed. So, today he introduced me to “torrents” and helped me set it all up .I must admit I am still unsure about what they really are and how they work but I find the name "torrents" quite fascinating. I managed to download a 45 minute clip of one of  Russell Peters’ shows . It had me in fits! I don’t think I have ever laughed this much and yes!…it made my eyes water and my stomach hurt! I have been a bit stressed out these past few days and I feel so much better. I am being a bit of a miser and am watching it piece-meal because I want to “save” it till I have more.
I am looking forward to downloading more of his stuff. This could very well prove to be an incentive to study consistently through the day. I am excited!